An Etsy Find

Popping in to share a recently discovered Etsy shop 'linn warme'. Linn Warme turns her illustrations into necklaces, earrings and brooches, and they are SO NEAT!




Linn also has two blogs where she shares more wonderful Etsy goodies, and you can check them out right HERE and HERE.  Happy discovering!


Slowly Getting Back

Slowly but surely I am getting back into paper crafting... 

This week I made a few Valentine inspired cards.  I really don't have all that much in the way of valentine themed supplies, but for these cards I didn't need much.

I've had a huge roll of this pink Maya Road ribbon for a long time now, and never think to pull it out and use it.  Happy to say, I finally remembered this week.

A year ago this past January, a girlfriend of mine bought me this sunburst stamp for my birthday (no idea if that's the proper name for it btw).  I love, love, love this stamp.

I am really lucky to have a great group of friends that are into paper crafting as well.  We are pretty good at keep each other motivated and passionate about this wonderful hobby.


Things Change

Soooo much time has passed since my last blog post!  I haven't forgotten about my blog, but since my last post life has changed pretty dramatically for me.  

On October 1st, my husband and I separated.  I choose not to go into details, but needless to say it was very unexpected and shocking.  In the course of 24 hours my whole life was turned upside down.

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So, between October 1st and now, the kids and I have moved into a much smaller and more manageable townhome - in town - so that they could go back to taking the bus and therefor opening up my schedule to return to work full time. We are adjusting to this new life and are all the better for it.
Sometimes we get so comfortable with dis-function, we don't even recognize it for what it is... this was me.

I cannot even put into words how blessed I have felt by my amazing friends and family through of all this mess.  Words just simply aren't enough to ever thank them.  When I think of all of those who go through something like this with no support.. I can't even imagine!  

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Who knows what 2014 has in store for myself and my kiddos, but in my heart of hearts, I think only good things can lay ahead for us.  I look forward to rediscovering myself, and getting back to HAPPY.


Back to Scrappin'!

Yes!! I have been busy scrappin' away this weekend, and it feels GREAT!  

The lovely Anam had posted a challenge of sorts over on The Paper Passion blog, and I promised myself I would take the time to play along this month.  Here is what I came up with up.

Sketch #1:


I kept the circles, but opted for two pictures instead of one.  These pictures make me laugh every time I see them... such characters.

Sketch #2:


I made just a few slight changes here, (swapped out the title placement for some bullet style journaling, and used a flower cluster), but kept pretty true to the sketch.  I almost used a different set of pictures for this sketch, and was going to swap out the pattern paper rectangle for a second picture, but in the end I felt this photo of my god-daughter worked best with this MME paper line.

Sketch #3:


For this layout I chose to flip the sketch as it worked out better with my photograph.  You'll notice I used the same MME paper line as in my Sportin' 'Staches layout above.

Sketch #4:


And last but not least...  I was inspired by Anam's original layout and her use of the flower sprig.  I had had this particular sprig for years now, so once I decided to go with it, this layout came together very quickly. Only a few minor changes to this sketch too with the addition of the borders on the top and bottom of the page, and I also used a second smaller photo instead of the tags shown in the sketch.
 The same paper line is used here as was used in my Dancing Queen layout.

Although my layouts turned out very differently from Anam's inspiration layouts, it's sometimes a great thing to have these jumping off pcs. to get you going, especially if you haven't been scrapbooking in a while!

I loved that I not only got some old pictures finally scrapbooked, having the added element of using MME product as part of the challenge really got me focused and using up some older items from my stash too!


Dressers... Done.

Good Friday Morning!

For those of you who follow Art Freckles on Facebook, you've seen me mention that I've been working away at re-finishing some old dressers I had.  Well, I am very excited to say I am DONE!  (Well, almost.)

A little background....  These dressers were purchased by my parents when they were first married.  When my parents were divorced they were handed down to me, so we are talking about 42 years ago these dressers were bought.  CRAZY.

For the last 6-7 years I have been talking about re-finishing them, and from the picture above I am sure you can see why.  There is a larger dresser with the mirror (as shown), and a smaller but taller dresser sans mirror.  Looking at this picture now, I really am embarrassed that I let them go so long!

I removed the mirror and old hardware, and sanded the dresser right down to the wood again.  Then I used CIL's furniture paint in 'Burnt Bark' to paint them.  This paint has a built in primer, and I was really happy with how nicely it went on.

Because the colour is so dark I did apply two coats, but it dries so fast that it didn't take long at all.

Now you'll notice the big mirror is missing in the 'after' picture, well that's because I am still on the fence as to whether I want to use it or not.  I haven't re-finished the mirror as of yet, and the one I have hanging on the wall in the picture is just a temporary replacement.. I needed something while I make up my mind.

Part of me wants to head off to HomeSense and buy a new big beautiful mirror with a frame that compliments the palette of the bedroom, and part of me wants to be thrifty and re-finish the old one.  It's the scroll work that turns me off.  Opinions? 

 My hubby thinks I should re-finish it, just so I have it done and ready if I do decide I want it at some point, and perhaps that is the best solution.
 Next step for this bedroom is to find a great rug, and get my grandmother's old chair reupholstered.  Who knows, maybe I'll even attempt to reupholster it myself!  If you have any tips for me, please feel free to share them!